Where To Next?

Time to pull out the suitcases and tune up the Subaru, because these two erstwhile travelers are getting ready to hit the road once again after nearly 14 months. We’re card-carrying members of the fully vaccinated club and more than eager for adventures that lie beyond a 2-hour drive from home. Heck, we’re even planning to bust out of the Mountain Time Zone! But not right away – we’ll remain cautious with fingers crossed that nothing awful happens between now and mid-May to derail our trips. Did I mention that we’re champing at the bit?

New Adventures in New Mexico

We have a 16-day driving trip scheduled for May that includes a week in the Santa Fe-Taos area, followed by another week in the Carlsbad region. Other than a couple of previous work trips to Taos for me (with no time for sight-seeing) and an overnight here and there in Santa Fe for both of us, this will be new territory. So many opportunities to explore the great outdoors in the Santa Fe area:

The second leg of the road trip takes us to Carlsbad for a week of exploring the famous caverns of the same name and checking out a few more hiking trails.

After returning home from New Mexico in early June, we’ll have less than a week to prepare for a more ambitious adventure that takes us through July.

(Please see blog post We Have Travel Plans! for all photo captions and credits)

A Taste of Montana and a Feast in Alaska

After a few days in Missoula getting reacquainted with our grandson Owen, we’re flying to Alaska!

In years past, we enjoyed two spectacular vacations in Alaska and always intended to go back for one more, specifically to check out the Fairbanks and Denali areas that weren’t included in previous travel itineraries. So we’re making it happen this summer, with a five week stay in our 49th state.

Our travels will take us to six national parks, all new to us. And we’ll spend time sight-seeing in six cities, towns and villages that are, with the exception of Juneau, also new to us.

We hope you’ll come along for the ride!

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