Where Have We Been?

Here is a snapshot of our post-retirement travels beginning with most recent and going back in time to September, 2018. It’s been a wonderful ride so far, even with the unexpected adjustments due to COVID-19.

Colorado Excursions (Apr 2020-Present)

Being stuck at home these past few months motivated us to explore the great outdoors in our own back yard. We ran out of good weather before we exhausted our ‘to do’ list, which means that no matter what happens with the pandemic in 2021, we will have more new places to visit next spring and summer.

Number of blog posts from our Colorado 2020 excursions: 9 (click here for links)

A few favorite photos from summer and fall outings:

And photos from a February 2021 stay in Estes Park that didn’t turn into a blog post:

New Zealand (Feb-Mar 2020)

Fifty-one days – four days in the Auckland area followed by 47 days exploring the South Island. Our original plan was to max out our three month visitor visa, but the vacation was cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Those 51 days, however, were magical, and we packed in as much as we could. But we’re not finished, and we plan to return when the time is right to resume our self-guided tour of this very special place.

Number of blog posts from New Zealand: 12 (click here for links)

Here’s a preview of some great scenery:

Original Itinerary

Our plan was to fly into Auckland and acclimate for a few days (which we did) before taking a quick flight to Christchurch and picking up our rental car. Our lodging stops for the South Island are shown on the map below.

The only change from our planned itinerary was that we only spent three nights in Nelson before flying back to Auckland for an overnight before continuing on to the U.S.

After finishing our travels on the South Island, we were scheduled to take the ferry to Wellington and begin our tour of the North Island as shown below.

To be continued at a later date . . .

Oahu (Dec 2019-Jan 2020)

Thirty days in a beachfront condo with friends and travel companions, Steve and Marlene. Andrew and Gail (son and daughter-in-law) joined us for nine days over Christmas. Truly a tropical paradise!

Number of blog posts from Oahu: 3 (click here for links)

Pacific Northwest & California Road Trip (Jun-Nov 2019)

  • 143 days
  • 8,591 driving miles
  • 8,000 airline miles
  • 11 states
  • 2 Canadian provinces
  • 9 U.S. national parks and monuments
  • 4 Canadian national parks
  • More fun than we could have imagined!

Number of blog posts from Road Trip 2019: Twenty-six

Links: Idaho Montana Minnesota Canada Washington Oregon California Wrap Up

Portugal & Spain (Apr-May 2019)

Seven weeks in Portugal and southern Spain, with day trips to Morocco and Gibraltar – a great adventure for us novice international travelers!

Number of blog posts: Nineteen

Links: Portugal Spain Morocco Gibraltar


Morocco and Gibraltar

New Mexico and Arizona (Feb-Mar 2019)

A month in Phoenix, plus quick stops outbound from Colorado and back – six weeks and 3,357 miles in the Subaru.

Number of blog posts: Eight

Links: Arizona New Mexico & Wrap Up

Other Stops

Vero Beach FL (Jan 2019)

Quick trip to visit friends, Marlene and Steve, and soak up some rays in Vero Beach.

Number of blog posts: 0

Missoula MT (Sep & Nov 2018, Jul & Dec 2019)

Total blog posts: Nine (so far)

Link: Montana

Missoula is a frequent travel destination, and here’s why!

Of course, it’s a cool place for other reasons as well.

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