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Once we determined that we could find our way back to home base no matter what, we spent hours wandering through neighborhoods – especially the Alfama, Bairro Alto and Chiado districts – with no particular destination in mind.  Many of the photos in this post are sights we encountered during our long walks.

There are also a few attractions not yet mentioned that we made a point to visit, including a Botanic Garden, the Museu do Fado, and Monument to the Discoveries.  On our final day in Lisbon, we hopped the ferry across the Tagus River to the town of Cacilhas, where we visited the Cristo Rei statue, toured the museum ship Dom Fernando II e Glória, and enjoyed a nice lunch by the water (indoor seating, because it was yet another cold, windy and rainy day).

And then, our visit to Lisbon came to an end.  We’re headed to the Algarve next, which is the southern region of Portugal.  Perhaps it will be a little warmer!

Random Observations about Lisbon

The streets and sidewalks are spotless – always.

There are few individuals that appear to be homeless.

Deli-type sandwiches (that we normally eat for lunch) are absent – full dinners are the norm in restaurants.

During our week in Lisbon, we have seen less than five gas stations.

Residential renovations are booming in the old section of town.

Lots of people smoke, and there are few restrictions about where they can do so (although we didn’t encounter smokers inside the restaurants and shops).

Grocery stores are much smaller than we expected, with a limited selection of items.  There are small markets on every block that sell fresh produce and wine.

Only a few toiletry items can be purchased in a grocery store – specialty items such as sunscreen and contact lens solution must be purchased in a pharmacy or specialty shop, and they cost 4-5 times more than in the U.S.

As far as we could tell, there were only two garbage bins shared by the eight condos on our block.  Garbage collection is once a week, and the bins weren’t full.

Photo Collages

People Photos




Commerce and Art


Religious Symbols


Modes of Transport


Odds and Ends


We hope you enjoyed our Lisbon posts – see you soon in the Algarve.




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  1. Delightful! Not sure I could have kept up on all those hills. Cannot wait to see the beach pics!!

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  2. Beautiful photos…loved Lagos and Lisboa as well. The hills are tough, but you do get used to them! We walked everywhere…never took public transportation and made every neighborhood in Lisboa! All so amazingly different and unique…actually hard to say which one was best! All were the best in their own right!

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    • Thanks for your comment! We loved walking in the Lisboa neighborhoods – all very different as you pointed out. We figured the hills are good training for hiking season in the mountains this summer. We would go back in a heartbeat!


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